About Traci Childress

First a storyteller, then a poet, a dancer, a yogi, an organizer, a traveler, a mother, a writer, a teacher– I’ve come to see that the common threads in my life are poetic movement, connection, and structure. I need to connect to my body through movement. I need story, explanation, interaction. I love crafting structure for language, for movement, for discovery, for coming together with others to evoke change and to create space for evolution. I love watching the space between things and what comes to fill it: in language, in story, in movement, in our bodies, in our relationships, in teaching, in leading groups, in organizing events, in relationship. In the end, it is all about relationship.

Relationship, choice, and opportunity. I want to support positive relating (which does not mean avoiding difficult conversations). In my work, in my relating, I search for choices and seek to create more opportunity for discovery each day (for myself, for those around me). Everyone deserves access to opportunities that support their evolution. It is a birthright. I love supporting people to discover their vision. I love sharing yoga because it opens us up to our fuller capacities. I love sharing conversation, story, vision, relationship, thoughts for the same reason.

I also have a blog that focuses on vision, and bringing the heart of your vision into your work and life: Vision Works